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Hello and Welcome! And, Yea, Montreal!!


This blog is about bringing good things to you, Dear Reader, whomever you may be.  I may find these ideas in my web surfing, or perhaps on a friend’s blog, or even – gasp – in face-to-face conversation with someone. No matter how I come by the information, I will pass it on to you here and for me “now.” Of course, my now won’t probably be your now, but that’s what physicists and web sites and blogs are all about. You’ll access it in your “now” and enjoy an uplift from hearing about a good thing.

So, here’s my first good thing:

The City of Montreal no longer uses its parking meters to charge people who need to park their cars – a good enough thing on its own! but not the good thing. The good thing is what they have done with those unsightly unused (not for long) meters. They use them to collect money for the homeless!! Yea, Montreal! You get 5/5 hearts – a perfect score. You’re oh so hard to follow.  🙂

Read more about it here:


Or watch this little video(which is embedded in the above article, too):



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