wouldn't you love it if . . .

our military servicepeople were treated like the heroes they are?

Well, there’s a guy in Houston, Texas, named Dan Wallrath, who custom builds homes. And he’s been building new houses and giving them to wounded servicemen and women and their families free of charge. (Gee, it seems like Houston, Texas is the place to be for good things happening today!)

No matter what your politics, and I’m not going to get into mine, you’ve got to admit that these men and women signed up to do a job for us. They expected, because our recruiters told them, that they would be well taken care of both on deployment and after, whether they were well or ill or injured. But, many of them don’t get the benefits they need, or they don’t get them easily.

Life goes on, even after you’ve sustained catastrophic injury. Bills need to be paid, the family needs a home; they need food and clothing, transportation. It goes on and on. But, if you’re that badly wounded, you’re dealing with such basic survival issues that the rest of it gets away from you. And more medical bills pile up. It can get ugly.

And people who got wounded doing a job for us ought to be taken care of better than that. We owe them, whether we agree with a military action or not. Whether they agree with the military action or not, they’re in uniform and they did their job. We owe them.

This guy, giving away houses, is treating our wounded warriors like heroes. In my book, that makes him a hero, too.

Rock on!


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