wouldn't you love it if . . .

teenagers everywhere were this quick to help?

My last post was about a teenager, a former student of mine. He discovered, when learning about Darfur, that genocide goes on today and decided to help the people there and in Rwanda. Today’s post is about three teens who helped a lot closer to home.

These guys live in Dubois County, Indiana.  They’re just like any other teenaged boys, except for what they did the last time they visited a store called Rural King on Highway 162. Hearing squealing brakes, they ran toward the problem! But, they didn’t just go to observe, not our guys. They went to help, and help they did. While the news report linked in below does not say so, they may have saved not only the pregnant woman’s but her unborn child’s life. If mom had breathed in too much of the fumes coming from the fire, the baby could have been injured or even stillborn. These boys are bonafide heroes. I hope they go on to become First Responders or Basic Aid Providers; both of which include getting First Aid and CPR Provider cards.

Anyway, kudos to the teens, once again! Rock on, Austin, Ethan and Anthony!